Welcome to the InfinityPE Network Store.

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All our ranks are LIFETIME, pay once and they will not expire.

How to buy/upgrade a rank:

  1. From the above tabs choose the Server that you want to the rank on.
  2. Click the Rank Shop or Rank Upgrades (if you already have a rank and want to upgrade it). 
  3. Click the rank you want to buy and have a look at the commands and perks you will get.
  4. Add it to the cart or gift it to a friend.
  5. If not already entered, enter your username on the server.  
  6. (Optional) Link your discord to get the discord rank OR click continue to skip.
  7. Fill in your details and and purchase the rank.
  8. Join the server, and enjoy your rank!! :)

If you have any questions or issues related to payments send us an email at infinitymcpenetwork@gmail.com and we will reply as fast as possible.


  • Purchased Packages are given automatically within 5-10 mins of purchase.
  • Make sure you are above the age of 18, or ask a parent before purchasing a rank or package.
  • Rank and command abuse will not be tolerated, this will first lead to a warning, then removal or command and if continued you will be banned.
  • Please note that all purchases are final and once you purchase your package you cannot be refunded. Fraudulent purchases/activity will result in your account being permanently banned from the server.
  • Each rank comes with a ONE time username change. This can only be done on presentation of receipt sent to the email used on purchase.

InfinityPE Hub

This network currently includes 4 server gathered in 1 Lobby

IP: play.infinitype.net
Port: 19132

Current Games:   

Infinity Factions
HighSchool Roleplay
AlphaWolf HighSchool
The Bridges
Murder Mystery

Planned Games: 

And more...



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